Belmont’s Fall Super Saturday, Part #2 – Entries, M/L Odds, Post Positions, Free PP’s

Belmont Park _1This Saturday, Belmont Park offer’s up its 2nd consecutive “Super Saturday” of this year’s Fall Championship Series meeting this time featuring top thoroughbred action in the GI JCGC, GI Frizzete Stakes, GI Champagne Stakes, GI Flower Bowl, GII Kelso Hcp and the GIII Prince Hill Stakes all with 2015 Breeders’ Cup implications of one kind or another attach to each of them!

(Belmont Park Saturday PP’s)


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Race #5 , GII Kelso Hcp. Post Time 2:33pm Local

Purse $400,000. A Handicap For Three Year Olds And Upward, at 1 mile (Dirt)

PP Horse A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L Odds
1 Appealing Tale (KY) 5/G L J Talamo 118 P Miller 6/1
2 Honor Code (KY) 4/R L J Castellano 124 C R McGaughey III 3/5
3 Scarly Charly (KY) 6/G L J L Ortiz 113 M E Hushion 20/1
4 Tamarkuz (KY) 5/H L I Ortiz, Jr. 118 K P McLaughlin 8/1
5 Red Vine (KY) 5/H L J Rosario 116 C Clement 5/1
6 Mylute (KY) 5/H L J R Velazquez 114 T A Pletcher 12/1
7 Matterhorn (KY) 4/R L J Bravo 116 T A Pletcher 15/1

Race #6Flower Bowl S. (Grade I) Post Time – 3:08 PM Local

Purse $500,000. For Fillies And Mares Three Years Old And Upward. One And One Fourth Miles. (Turf)

PP Horse A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L Odds
1 Stephanie’s Kitten (KY) 6/M L I Ortiz, Jr. 121 C C Brown 9/5
2 Regardez (GB) 4/F L J Rosario 119 C C Brown 8/1
3 Rosalind (KY) (MTO) 4/F L J Rosario 121 C C Brown 3/1
4 America (KY) 4/F L J Alvarado 119 W I Mott 15/1
5 Watsdachances (IRE) 5/M L J Bravo 123 C C Brown 5/1
6 Tiz So Sweet (KY) (MTO) 4/F L 119 W I Mott 2/1
7 Mutatis Mutandis (IRE) 4/F L1 J R Velazquez 119 E Walker 12/1
8 Curvy (GB) 3/F L1 W Lordan 121 D Wachman 2/1
9 Distorted Beauty (NY) 4/F L J L Ortiz 119 B N Levine 20/1
10 Danza Cavallo (FR) 4/F L J Castellano 119 C C Brown 10/1

Race #7 – Frizette S. (Grade I) Post Time – 3:43 PM Local

Purse $400,000. For Fillies Two Years Old. One Mile.

PP Horse A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L Odds
1 She’s All Ready (NY) 2/F L J Alvarado 120 J T Ryerson 3/1
2 Width (KY) 2/F J L Ortiz 120 C Clement 5/2
3 Nemoralia (KY) 2/F L1 J Rosario 120 J Noseda 5/1
4 Anna Rae (KY) 2/F L J Bravo 120 J C Englehart 20/1
5 Nickname (KY) 2/F L J Castellano 120 S M Asmussen 7/2
6 Desert Tune (KY) 2/F J R Velazquez 120 T Albertrani 8/1
7 Where’s the D (KY) 2/F L I Ortiz, Jr. 120 D F O’Neill 10/1

Race #8 – Champagne S. (Grade I) Post Time – 4:18 PM Local

Purse $500,000. For Two Year Olds. One Mile.

PP Horse A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L Odds
1 Magna Light (KY) 2/C L J L Ortiz 122 R R Rodriguez 6/1
2 Greenpointcrusader (KY) 2/C L J Bravo 122 D Schettino 5/1
3 Ready Dancer (KY) 2/C L J R Velazquez 122 T A Pletcher 5/1
4 Sail Ahoy (KY) 2/C J Rosario 122 C R McGaughey III 12/1
5 Ralis (CA) 2/C L J Castellano 122 D F O’Neill 3/1
6 Rafting (KY) 2/C L1 I Ortiz, Jr. 122 H G Motion 8/1
7 Tale of S’avall (KY) 2/C L1 C H Velasquez 122 B Tagg 7/2
8 Sunny Ridge (NJ) 2/G L J Alvarado 122 J Servis 20/1
9 Portfolio Manager (KY) 2/C L M Franco 122 C C Brown 12/1

Race 9 – Hill Prince S. (Grade III) Post Time – 4:53 PM Local

Purse $500,000. For Three Year Olds, One And One Eighth Miles. (Turf)

PP Horse M/L Odds A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer
1 Macher (KY) 50/1 3/C L M J Luzzi 116 A C Adsit
2 Vision Perfect (KY) 30/1 3/C L E Cancel 116 D G Donk
3 Winter Springs (FR) 20/1 3/C L J Alvarado 116 C C Brown
4 Jay Gatsby (KY) 10/1 3/R L1 F Jara 116 J A Jerkens
5 Takeover Target (KY) 6/1 3/C L J L Ortiz 120 C C Brown
6 Courtier (KY) 8/1 3/C L E Trujillo 116 W I Mott
7 Royal Albert Hall (GB) 12/1 3/G L J R Velazquez 116 D F O’Neill
8 Great Dancer (IRE) 15/1 3/C L J Bravo 116 J L Lawrence, II
9 Money Multiplier (KY) 7/2 3/R L J Castellano 116 C C Brown
10 World Approval (FL) 3/1 3/G L J Rosario 118 M E Casse
11 Tale of Life (JPN) 5/1 3/C L I Ortiz, Jr. 116 H G Motion
12 Nonna’s Boy (KY) 15/1 3/C L C P DeCarlo 116 T A Pletcher
13 Good Luck Gus (NY) (MTO) mto 3/C L 116 R R Rodriguez

Race #10 – Jockey Club Gold Cup S. (Grade I) Post Time – 5:28 PM Local

Purse $1,000,000. For Three Year Olds And Upward. One And One Fourth Miles.

PP Horse A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L Odds
1 Wicked Strong (KY) 4/C L J Rosario 126 J A Jerkens 6/1
2 Coach Inge (KY) 4/G L I Ortiz, Jr. 126 T A Pletcher 5/1
3 Constitution (KY) 4/C L J Castellano 126 T A Pletcher 3/1
4 Effinex (NY) 4/C L J Alvarado 126 J A Jerkens 6/1
5 Looks to Spare (IL) 5/G L D L Parker 126 G DiPrima 30/1
6 Tonalist (KY) 4/C L J R Velazquez 126 C Clement 6/5