American Exceptionalism on display in Derby #140 – The Real Story

Califoria Chrome winnig derby
California Chrome, under another perfect ride from Victor Espinoza winning the 2014 Kentucky Derby!

They gave a great race at Churchill Downs yesterday and California Chrome, under just another perfect ride from Victor Espinoza, came away with the clear-cut win, But that’s not the real story here!

No, the real story in Derby 140 is a much quieter tale about some rather average Americans, like you and me, doing an extraordinary thing!

Take, trainer Art Sherman, at 77, who just became the oldest trainer to ever win the Kentucky Derby, now there perseverance to his sport paying off and just another example of hard work eventually drawing in fate, as that’s an American Exceptionalism trait, “stick-to-itiveness”.

Perry Martin & Steve Coburn, co-owners of California Chrome, purchased him for a trifling $8,000 and with a lot of blood, swear and tears nurtured him into a Kentucky Derby winner with now over $2.5 million in earnings.

These guys here a dream to win horse racing biggest race and went out and did it. Dreams are at the root of Exceptionalism here in our land, but it’s just one of many success stories here!

Victor Espinoza, however, has been on top before, in 2002 aboard War Emblem but that was 12 years ago and in more recent times had fallen from grace some amongst the California circuit’s trainers and owners. But his brilliant handling of California Chrome, shows that his attention to his craft is still at a very high level and still of championship caliber, too!

Redeemed and reborn now, Victor Espinoza, could be on his way to an exceptional season aboard this 3yo budding star!

So, fate does tend to favor the battle-scarred and tested which is really just another hallmark of our definition of American Exceptionalism!

We’re not trying to wave the Red, White and Blue at you here in some patriotic drum beat message. No, it’s more of a recognition of just plain folks, like you and me, striving to be the best they can be and to that end our hardy congrats goes out to everyone surrounding California Chrome‘s 2014 Kentucky Derby blue-collar victory!

Oh and Congrats to our average, but very exceptional readers, who for the 2nd year in a row picked out this year’s Derby winner in our Derby poll question! Exceptional, indeed!

…. Oh and thanks to the exceptional and nearly 1 million of you who came to downthestretchs and checked out our 2014 Derby Trail and Kentucky Derby coverage this year.

We are truly humbled by your growing patronage to our efforts!


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